July 07, 2012

June 2012 - Promo Mix

Things just got deeper & dirtier. Been insanely digging this sound. With the numerous sets/ YouTube videos being posted from events like Sonar, I couldn't stop myself. I'm totally a noob when it comes to playing a proper warm-up set. But there's always a start point. Doing a warm-set is an art. Just that statement alone has made me all the more excited to keep doing this.

May 2012 - Promo Mix

After a hiatus I'm back with monthly mixes with a newer, deeper underground sound. Been really digging the deeper side of things lately.

Downloads on request.

Ardur Sessions 003

January 02, 2012

Darin Epsilon - DJ, Producer, Radio Host & Label Owner


Growing up in & around Chicago, listening to late night mixshows that played underground house & progressive trance tunes every week, little did the man know 11 years back that he'd turn out to be one of the powerhouses of dance music now. DJ, producer, radio host and label owner - That's Darin Epsilon for you.

He's had a hell of a year in 2011 in almost every aspect of his career. Here's a brief overview.