July 07, 2012

June 2012 - Promo Mix

Things just got deeper & dirtier. Been insanely digging this sound. With the numerous sets/ YouTube videos being posted from events like Sonar, I couldn't stop myself. I'm totally a noob when it comes to playing a proper warm-up set. But there's always a start point. Doing a warm-set is an art. Just that statement alone has made me all the more excited to keep doing this.


1.Rey + Kjavik - All Alone - Original Mix

2.Nil By Mouth - Glabella (Original Mix)

3.Re.You - Junction (Original Mix)

4.Jay Tripwire - Same Old Story (Och Same Old Remix)

5.David Jach, Beatamines - Something Soul (Original Mix)

6.Samuel Dan - Yeah (Original Mix)

7.Danny Serrano & Gonzalez - Fantastique (Mihalis Safras Remix)

8.Quivver - In The Groove (Mix2) (Original Mix)

9.Coyu - The Nu Nu Sound (Oxia Remix)

10.Maher Daniel - Big Bad Clay (Original)

11.Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta - Chaos Theory (Rino Cerrone Remix)

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