August 12, 2011

Tanseer LIVE @ Blend, Chennai.

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Well known for his Progression nites & mind blowing sets on his podcast (The SF Show), Tanseer is back after a short hiatus to storm the dance floor. He's got a fetish for forward thinking progressive tunes and a skill like no other to build his sets in a way that its guaranteed to knock your knickers off.

Tanseer is playing tonight at Blend - the Hi energy bar (Taj Mount, Chennai.)  And I had the privilege to get a sneak peak of what he's got for the night. Nothing less than MASSIVE!!! If you're in Chennai, get your dancing shoes on and come off to Blend tonight. It's one of those nights you shouldn't be missing.

See you on the dance floor!

For guest list entries, text your name (and no.of people with) to - +91-9566104919 / +91-7845698486
Couple entry only.

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